Shop Hop Details
*2020 Hopper Challenge: The Hopper Challenge was so popular in 2019 that we're doing it again! Visit the "Hopper Challenge" page for more information.

*Shop Hoppers are eligible to receive one free charm square at each shop! The charm will be from a specially selected blender line of fabrics from Robert Kaufman. These blenders are perfectly paired to match the "Birds and Berries of Maine" 2020 Shop Hop fabric line.

*Child Shop Hoppers (age 7-17) are eligible to receive one free charm square at each shop.

*Shops will be open 7 days a week during the hop! Visit the "Shops" page to see each shop's location and hours for the month of April.

*Passorts DO NOT NEED to be dated and initialed by shops! Shops ONLY need to stamp their square on a Hopper’s passport.

*Hoppers who have their passports stamped at all 29 shops will receive a FREE gift mailed to their home upon completion of the hop!

*You are either a Shop Hopper OR a Chauffeur – NOT BOTH – Please check the appropriate box on your passport.

*A Chauffeur is considered any person accompanying a Shop Hopper who is not using a Shop Hopper Passport and is not collecting free charm squares or signing up for available door prizes. One Chauffeur prize will be awarded.

*Shop Hopper prizes are awarded in tiers, based on the number of shops visited. All Child Hoppers receive a prize.

*ALL Shop Hoppers (including Chauffeurs and Children) are eligible to VOTE on their favorite shop challenge quilt after visiting at least 10 participating shops.

*Prizes are tiered! You don't have to visit all 29 shops to be eligible to win a prize, but it does improve your chances of winning! Visit the "Prizes" page of this website to see what terrific prizes are available this year.

*Ribbons will be awarded to Challenge Quilt winners for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place based on votes by Shop Hoppers and a Chauffeur’s Choice. Don’t forget to vote! All quilts will be available to view on the shop hop website and will be featured as an exhibit at Maine Quilts.

*All completed passports must be received by May 15. Please send to the address listed on the bottom of the passport. No in-person passport deliveries are available.


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Send an email directly to:

State of Maine Quilt Shop Hop

2020 Shop Hop: the Shop Hop's

20th Anniversary!

Twenty-nine shops across Maine invite you to hop in and shop between April 1 and April 30. Check out each shop's Challenge Quilt, get your passport stamped, and explore each shop's unique personality and offerings!

​​The 2020 Shop Hop has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.  The new dates will be announced at a later time. updated March 20, 2020

Welcome to the 20th anniversary year of the annual State of Maine Quilt Shop Hop! For more than two decades, independently owned quilt shops of Maine have collaborated by inviting their customers to spend the month of April "hopping" from shop to shop. Customers print out passports and have them stamped at each of the shops they visit. At the end of the month, hoppers send in their completed passports and are entered for a number of wonderful prizes. Prizes are donated by the local shops and the companies and manufacturers who make the fabrics, books, patterns and notions that we all love. From modest beginnings, the hop has grown from a handful of shops to 29 participating in 2020. In 2019, there were over 900 hoppers and many prizes valued at over $20,000!

2020 Shop Hop Merchandise
Click here to buy all your 2020 Shop Hop merchandise, including the 20th anniversary commemorative

lapel pin and travel mug!

This year's free pattern is a special commemoration of the Shop Hop's 20th anniversary year!

The pattern will be revealed and available for download during the Shop Hop.

​​Shop Hop Map!

Click Here  to visit the Google Map that has all the Hop shops listed for you!

2020 Shop Hop Fabrics

The 2020 Shop Hop fabric is "Birds and Berries Maine" by Robert Kaufman! This EXCLUSIVE line of fabric has been custom-designed for the Maine Shop Hop!

​Each of the 10 prints in this line feature

a Maine bird and berry:

Baltimore oriole and blackberry 

cardinal and juniper 

cedar waxwing and raspberry 

chickadee and winterberry 

eastern bluebird and cloudberry 

nuthatch and bittersweet 

purple finch and gray dogwood 

rose-breasted grosbeak and blueberry 

ruby throated hummingbird and elderberry

yellow warbler and strawberry

Only the 29 participating Hop shops will carry this fabric. You won't be able to find this line anywhere else, ever!