State of Maine Quilt Shop Hop

2021 Hopper Challenge

The Hopper Challenge is a hopper favorite! 
Hoppers are invited to create their own challenge quilt.
Each quilt must be made using the 2021 Hop fabric line "Stardust".
Hoppers can select a pattern of their choosing- or make an original design- for their challenge piece. The hopper community will vote on the winning challenge pieces. Winners will receive fabulous prizes!

Here are the details for the 2021 Hopper Challenge. Click Here for a printable version of these rules.

*You may create your own pattern or use a published pattern. If you use a published pattern please be prepared to present permission from the designer if required.

*The challenge quilt size must be at least 40” x 40”. There is no maximum size limit.

*The challenge quilt must have a sleeve on the back that could be used to hang the quilt.

*The challenge quilt must use at least one print from the 2021 "Stardust" Shop Hop fabric line, then can use any or all of the rest of the "Stardust" line. No other fabrics are acceptable to use for the top of this challenge quilt. Quilts will be disqualified from winning if a fabric other than the "Stardust" line is used for the top. This fabric line is available in the participating Hop shops. Ask the shop owner and staff for help if you aren't sure which fabrics are allowable. 

 *Any fabric can be used as the quilt backing; you do not have to use fabric from the “Stardust” fabric collection for the backing.

*A photo of your completed challenge quilt must be sent to the Shop Hop Coordinator at, by June 15, 2021. Submission of a photo is how you will be entered into the Hopper Challenge. Photos submitted after this deadline will not be entered into the Challenge.

*Hopper challenge quilt photos will be posted on the Shop Hop Facebook page in one photo album containing only the challenge quilt photos. Photos will be posted by June 30.

*Hoppers will vote via Facebook for their favorite Hopper challenge piece. Voting will be open for a few days only (actual dates will be posted closer to the voting period).

*The challenge piece that receives the most votes will be declared the winner! The winner will be announced on Facebook.

*The winner's prize: the winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to the participating Hop shop of their choice! 

*The winner's challenge piece will be displayed in the participating hop shop from which the winner chooses a gift certificate. Placement of the winning piece in the shop will be at the discretion of the shop owner. 

Questions?? Email the Quilt Shop Hop Coordinator at